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There are rules to school, many do not follow

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, ‘There may be a rule to high school. Many didn’t follow that rule. He has opened a faculty there from time to time. Maybe there are not any students there.


There are many such educational institutions where the amount of teachers is quite the amount of scholars. The Prime Minister said this within the context of the non-governmentalization of all educational institutions within the tenth (special on the occasion of Mujib) session of the Eleventh National Assembly on Thursday night.

Sheikh Hasina said the initiative taken by the govt to bring everyone within the education policy will continue. Because the govt wants the country to travel further. At an equivalent time, he also expressed his views on the mixed response to auto-promotion across the country.

The Prime Minister said, “I will say about auto-promotion – we didn’t have a semester system before. I came to the govt for the primary time and introduced this semester system. Therefore, a result’s given on the idea of the test that they need to be given throughout the year.

This is what England has given, many countries of the planet have also given. It’s an excessive amount of a loss, isn’t it? ‘ Sheikh Hasina said, ‘Then the varsity will open, study, give exams to those that will survive. Otherwise will test again. He has the chance.

So it isn’t right that an auto-promotion has caused an excessive amount of damage. ‘ He said with an example, albeit at some point he writes and passes, he will pass and therefore the results of the entire year examination won’t be an equivalent.

On the contrary, if the results of the entire year are often promoted together, then I feel the identity of their talent is often found.

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